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Vital Portal

Vital Portal empowers your clients to interact directly with your business. Your clients can manage their contact details, review their purchase history, pay invoices online, specify their interests and communicate directly with your organisation. Your clients can review their position within your organisation whether its membership, training, certification or continuing professional development. By empowering your clients, you can expand your business without expanding your staff and infrastructure.

Vital Portal is a powerful marketing tool. Your clients provide marketing information with every web page they browse, every product or service they review and every purchase they make. Vital Portal collects this information so you can collate and analyse patterns, expand your customer profiles and focus your marketing efforts.

Vital Portal has a built-in eCommerce capability to sell your products and services. Any product or package defined in Vital Enterprise can be sold through Vital Portal by simply ticking the "Sell on Web" checkbox for that item. Sales and receipts in Vital Portal are recorded in Vital Enterprise without any intervention from your staff. All monies collected through Vital Portal are processed through a payment gateway and deposited into your merchant bank account.

Vital Portal puts you in dynamic control of content management for your web page. Your organisation decides what content will be displayed and distributed, the format and arrangement of the content that is presented and when this content will be displayed. Through user secured interfaces in Vital Enterprise, you upload images, documents, and articles into the database. You then map this content to specific web pages and timestamp when you want the content to be presented.

Some of the features and benefits of Vital Portal are:

  • Lead Capturing - Any action in Vital Portal can trigger a follow up note in Vital Enterprise to be completed by designated staff.


    • If a client purchases product "A", an action item can be generated to try and sell Product "B".
    • If a client has viewed particular products or services 5 times with no purchase the system could generate an action item to contact the client for a direct sales approach.
  • Customer Marketing Experience - Deliver your specific products and servcies through specialised interfaces. Course subjects, event topics and their respective schedules can be searched on keywords or timeframes; or specific products can be displayed based on the interests and past purchasing patterns of your clients.
  • Service Enquiries - Provide your clients with the flexibility to submit service enquiries directly to your organisation. You can then manage and respond to these enquiries and escalate any request to the appropriate department in your organisation.
  • Profile Building - As your prospective clients interact with your business through Vital Portal, valuable demographic information is automatically captured. Hit rates on products and services reviewed and sold can be measured to determine the slow moving items and overall effectiveness of the portal marketing scheme.