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Vital Enterprise

Vital Enterprise is comprised of many components that seamlessly combine a comprehensive picture of your clients and prospects. The key components in the Vital Enterprise application are:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Call Centre
  • Mail Lists
  • Events and Conferences
  • Membership
  • Journals
  • Education and Training
  • Certification and Continuing Professional Development
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Entry System
  • Accounting

Vital Enterprises has many innovations and features that streamline and connect your business units into a cohesive marketing force. Some of these innovations and features are:

  • Wizards help decrease data entry errors by guiding the end-user through a pre-defined set of steps driven by your business rules. Wizards are also used to greatly reduce duplication as they can force users to check for like matches on entering new records. Wizards are used for CRM data entry, order processing, enrolments, registrations and many other business procedures.
  • Vital Views displays only the data that a department or user needs or wants to see. In Vital Enterprise, we can create a view for every department or user. This eliminates unnecessary and unusable data that an end-user has to work around in their everyday usage of the system. Views present only the data they need in order to do their job.
  • Customer Profiling are created from user actions in Vital Enterprise (eg: purchases, contacts, registrations, etc.) and customer actions in Vital Portal (eg: demographic updates, interests, purchases, etc), This profile is presented to users of Vital Enterprise through a profile summary page or through analysis reporting.
  • Products and Packages are the foundation of the Vital Enterprise system. Products are used to sell inventory items and packages are used to sell services such as membership, events and courses. Sales are performed through a common order wizard that allows any number of products and packages to be combined on a single invoice.
  • Pricing in Vital Enterprise is extremely flexible and allows products and packages to be priced in endless combinations according to your business requirements. You can define a price with begin and end date time stamps, one or more currencies, different tax rules and web or non-web prices. In addition, price codes (eg: member, non-member, agent, student, etc.) and price types (retail, average cost plus, etc.) can be assigned to your customers using your business rules.
  • Data Cubes are created from each purchase by recording up to three user-defined categories against products and packages along with nine additional analysis codes. This matrix provides almost unlimited dminesions to the sales within your organisation. In addition, customer interests are also directly linked to user-defined categories for cross marketing through campaign selections.