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Solution Overview

Our solutions are developed in Microsoft’s innovative .NET framework and our products are 100% Web Based. These solutions offer many significant benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • All authorised users access the system via the internet, the only necessary requirement is a browser. This standard interface gives any organisation with interstate branches, mobile staff, satellite or international offices a truly cost effective means to deploy a centralised system.
  • There is significant savings when comparing a Web based solution accessed from an internet browser to a Windows based desktop solution deployed under Citrix or Terminal Services. Bandwidth required to support a web based application is a fraction of the bandwidth necessary for Citrix or Terminal Services; additionally, the cost of Citrix or Terminal Services is eliminated.
  • A .NET Web based solution is “stateless” and does not require fixed memory per user on the server. A stateless environment enables a scalable solution that is cost effective. These cost savings are passed along to you through our hosting arrangement.
  • The Vitallinks™ service model gives your organisation predicatable computer system expenditures that can be easliy budgeted. We host your application and you pay a predetermined service fee every month for a mutually agreed fixed term. There is no large capital outlay for highly specialised hardware, application licence fees, operating system licence fees, and SQL licensing. All of these components, including highly trained staff to maintain the systems and to support your users, are provided as part of the service contract.
  • All our products are designed on a multi-tier model that utilises a stable suite of core programs and process logic that are not altered. We modify the upper tiers such as the user interface and business logic as per a client’s specific requirements without affecting the heart of the system. This multi-tiered design provides a very stable application and also permits us to implement business rules and user interfaces more quickly and efficiently so that your costs are reduced and the revised application is delivered in a shorter time frame.
  • Web Services is a standard for implementing business-to-business (B2B) solutions. Your clients can utilise the same Web Services that we use to integrate our Vital Enterprise and Vital Portal products, or we can provide specific services to your more demanding customers. These services expose information from the database and accept actions and updates based on security credentials provided by the consumer of the service.

Our products solve problems. Read on to see how our products solve common business problems. Click on a problem to see the solution.

Problem: Data Integrity and Proliferation of Duplicate Records

Data integrity and duplicate records are constant problems for all database administrators and data entry personnel. In fact there are very specific and very expensive software products available for the de-duping of databases.

Solution: Wizards

The Vital Enterprise product takes a preventative approach by utilizing Wizards which walk the user through a predefined progression of steps. By utilizing Wizards, you control what fields will be accessible for data entry and what fields will be populated behind the scenes based on your organisation’s business rules. Wizards also help control duplication by checking the ‘new’ individual or company name against existing records in the database for possible duplication. If any matches are found, the user is alerted and all relevant records are displayed for the user to check. In addition, a technique known as soundex can be used for searching the database. For example, the company name Three Star Enterprises may return the following matches: “3M Enterprises” – “3M Starts” – “Three Star Evolutionary Jams” – “The Star Ship Enterprise”. Wizards are an integral part of the system and operate within all modules, providing a standard interface for data entry of customer records, orders, enrolments, registrations etc.


Problem: Cumbersome Integration Between Your Database and Website

Overcoming the time delay problems that are inherent with text file data exchanges between an organisation’s web sites and legacy backend systems is a widespread issue.

Solution: Many Products, One Database

The Vitallinks products are seamlessly integrated into a single SQL database. The database is updated from changes made through any one of the Vitallinks products. As a result, this “new” information is instantly visible and accessible through all the Vitallinks products without any data exchange by your staff.


Problem: Customer Retention

Winning a new customer is only half the battle. How well you know your customer and how you use that knowledge makes all the difference in keeping or losing that customer.

Solution: Secure and Controlled Personalised Gateway to Your Business Enterprise System via Vital Portal

By utilising the power of Vital Enterprise you are capturing demographic information with each client contact.

By utilising Vital Portal the client is providing you with demographic information by updating their profile and interests, registering and paying for seminars, events, courses, and products.

Monitoring your clients’ patterns of contacts, purchases and portal activity gives you powerful retention information enabling your organisation to proactively market products and services directly related to the patterns of the client.


Problem: Different Users Need Different Views of the Data

How many of your database screens are too cluttered, busy and hard to read, or there is just not enough information on the screen? The accounts department, the marketing department and the customer service department all perform different functions within the organization and need to see different sets of data on the pages they use.

Solution: Vital Views

Vital Enterprise offers customised views of your data all the way down to a user level, based on the requirements of the user or department. Our solution is to create unique pages that contain the data that a department or user requires. For example, unique customer pages can be created to display only the information the marketing and accounts departments wish to see. These pages are then mapped to users in the respective departments through our security module.


Problem: High Cost of Adding Critical Business Functions to Your Application as Your Business Needs Change

Is your organisation compromised by having a ‘shrink wrapped’ business application that restricts the flexibility of your business requirements because it cannot be extended or the extension is not economical?

Solution: Our Products are Designed to be Extended

The Vitallinks products are designed from the ground up to be extended to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our multi-tired design provides a flexible set of interfaces that allows us to implement new and enhanced business functions quickly so your costs are minimised.


Problem: Unable to Combine Sales from Different Departments onto a Single Invoice

This is a headache in most module-based applications as the modules tend to be independent and not fully integrated. Users are forced to invoice goods or services from within the specific module they are using and it is impossible to combine items from different modules on a single invoice.

Solution: Invoice from a Central Location

The Vitallinks solution is a fully integrated application based on tightly coupled components. The overall system philosophy treats all goods and services as products. A product can be a membership subscription, an event registration, a book, a training class, a coffee mug – any goods or services you sell. Packages combine any number of products at various prices and/or discounts to create promotions and special deals. The order entry wizard permits any number of products or packages to be ordered and invoiced on a single form. All sales reports are generated from a single source rather than from multiple modules because sales are performed through a single order process and all goods and services are treated as inventory products.


Problem: High Cost of Entry into a New System

The cost of application software licences, operating system software licences, database software licences, adequate computer server power, support agreements and sufficient desktop PC power are staggering. The resulting capital outlay bites hard into the available cash flow and organisations are forced into compromises that result in reduced system and application functionality.

Solution: Leased, Not Purchased

Our products are not sold in the traditional retail model; we lease our business applications and charge a monthly service fee payable over a fixed term. The benefits of leasing to our clients are:

  • No large capital outlay is required
  • No hardware purchases or upgrades are necessary
  • No software license purchases or upgrades are necessary
  • Leasing fees are paid monthly
  • Support is included in the monthly leasing fee
  • Leasing fees are fixed for the term of the agreement
  • Monthly leasing fees are a direct operating expense
  • Predictable cash flows
  • Easier to justify to your Board

Problem: Complex Reports are Hard to Get Out of the System

Can’t get the result you need even though you consider yourself pretty good at using your report writer? Pulling your hair out because your filters look right but the output is definitely wrong?

Solution: Views to the Database

Reports can be created using any SQL report writer tool at the end-user level. However, for those complicated reports Vitallinks can create a simplified view of the data that you need for your report. Writing reports against this view eliminates the need for users to learn all the complex relationships between the various tables and the view can be used over and over to write other report variations against that set of data.