Through a web based portal we enable effective delivery of eCommerce and web services leading to improved service delivery. We make this happen by empowering your people with tailored, intuitive user interfaces, automated business triggers and highly flexible management reporting capabilities.

Here we've outlined the advantages of our technology for the different management functions of your business.

Marketing Managers

  • Reduce errors in data-handling for improved levels of customer service
  • Profile and analyse customer information as well as report results
  • Disseminate highly personalised and effective communcations
  • React to sales opportunities more quickly
  • Customers become participants in the information cycle

IT Managers

  • Uses Microsoft.NET to speed the development cycle and lower costs
  • Integrates with existing client technologies and third party systems
  • M2M, C2B and B2B integration
  • Intuitive interfaces with wizards for common procedures
  • Automated event triggers and processes to speed productivity

Executive Management

  • Links all data for a more holistic view of business performance
  • Reduces costs by driving efficiencies at all levels of the business model
  • Improves reporting and control across all business functions
  • Can be tailored around specific management requirements
  • Scalable and flexible to facilitate growth
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